Bonsai for Everyone

November 5, 2017

Presented by Peter Hlousek, the president of the Bonsai Society for Greater New Haven.  He shared with us the art of shaping trees.  We learned tips and tricks of the trade such as trimming and wiring the tree for desired shapes.  He brought with him a variety of trees he has shaped through decades of work.  From basic idealized bonsai shapes to complex artistic strategy to make the trees look older, smaller, and more beautiful such as exposing some of the roots and bending the branches down.  It was a wealth of knowledge, with the careful reminder that these are outdoor tree and do not fare well in the living room.  Following the presentation light Japanese themed snacks were provided.  For more information on the topic, please watch the full-length video of the presentation on our YouTube channel “The Green Café at Yale.”

Green Café is a monthly event, with an interactive presentation for plant scientists, gardeners, environmentalists and others. All are welcome, admission is free. Please email for more information:, or follow @greencafe14