Planting for the Bees’ Needs

October 4, 2018

Dr. Kimberly Stoner from the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station dropped by to teach us about our bee friends at Marsh Garden. First we learned about different types of bees, as well as their characteristic behaviors. We discussed the best times of year to observe different types of bees, as well as specific types of plants preferred by bees throughout the season. Kim also helped us discern flying insects that are capable of stinging us from bees minding their own business and pollinating our plants! Finally, Kim led us around the meadows of Marsh Garden and identified the many bee varieties present in our rows of golden rod flowers. We had the opportunity to ask Kim all of our buzzing (sorry) bee questions, including the ins and outs of beekeeping, the real roots of “colony collapse,” and the mechanics of bee survival during the winter. To see Kim’s talk, visit our YouTube channel, “The Green Café at Yale.”